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Welcome to Greg's Picks, a one stop destination for the products that I think you need in your menswear, food, or lifestyle arsenal. Here you will find some items I find to be wardrobe staples. I'll be sure to throw in kitchen essentials, you can trust me, I know how to cook. Also, whenever I come across a must have gadget, or movie, or anything lifestyle centric I'll be sure to drop a line here. As this being a style guide, I figured I should get serious about guiding style and make it possible for you all to get the tools necessary to live more stylishly.


V 1969 Men Ankle boots Brown

The perfect boot for any classic suit is up for grabs now. Get yourself a pair.



One of my favorites from, this Canvas Weekend Travel Duffel Bag is available in a variety of colors and is a necessary item in your travel gear. I recommend going with the blue, it matches the brown leather handsomely and stands out in the mix of typical duffel bags at the airport.