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Living in Orlando for the better part of forever, I’ve come to discover its unique food scene. What I learned is that Orlando’s food scene is a vast canvas, filled with various colors, shades, and textures with influences that span the breadth of the globe. Recently, the Orlando food gods have added a new brush stroke to the canvas. This glittering gem is called Earls Kitchen + Bar.

While taking a day to spend money I should not be spending at Millenia Mall, I noticed this new restaurant. With its contemporary exterior, modern color scheme, and inviting outdoor patio, it stood out as a place that I want to be inside of. So, I stopped by and had a chat with the general manager of Earls Kitchen + Bar at Orlando, Stefan Oostveen, who gave me a proper tour of the restaurant. Stefan was a great host, taking time to go through the history of Earls, the evolution of the menu, and some of the must-haves when dining there.

Earls has a long history spanning 30 years from its origins as a father and sons’ laid-back burger & beer joint in Edmonton to what it is today, a North American haven for craft foods and drinks. With 68 restaurants across Canada and the United States, their latest installment in Orlando could not have arrived here sooner. During our chat, Stefan brought to light the restaurant’s constant focus on evolving the food, drink, interior/exterior design, and importantly, its employees.

What to Drink at earls Kitchen + bar

While I was going through this borderline romantic experience with the Tuna Poke and Steak + Sushi, the talented bartenders were working on the must have cocktails that Stefan recommended to me.

what to eat at earls kitchen + bar

I’ve been to Earls and have had the Atlantic Salmon, which was delicious and came with a side of aromatic Jasmine rice that had crispy onions incorporated. Anyone who knows me knows that I eat salmon and Jasmine rice almost weekly at home. So, during our conversation, I had Stefan recommend what he believes are the must-haves for anyone dining at Earls.