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How to Wear Jeans with a Blazer

Seldom do two things come together more perfectly. The blazer with jeans look is one that is ideal for those transition seasons like Spring and Fall. Read more for the simple tips to perfecting this style.

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Staying Dapper in the Summer Heat

It’s pretty hard to maintain an effortless steez when the temperatures are approaching triple digits. That’s basically the standard here in Florida so I’ve accumulated a strong understanding of what it takes to not die in the summer heat. First thing first, get a vest.

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What I Wore: The Dapper Hour

“The Dapper Hour was a night of satisfaction. Satisfaction not only for your palette but for your inner steez and yearning for mutual fellowship.” Well, we know how my palette and yearning for mutual fellowship was satisfied, so let’s take a deep dive into how my steez was satisfied the night of The Dapper Hour.

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