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Impromptu Trip to New Orleans

Its summer, so you know what that means; impromptu trips, gratuitous excess, and an opportunity to try some new summer style. This recent weekend trip to New Orleans was one of those last-minute opportunities that comes up where the stars aligned. I seized that chance and figured once I got there I’d hit the streets to see what the city has to offer.

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How to Wear a Denim Jacket (3 Easy Ways)

The denim jacket is one of those closet essentials that you reach for when getting dressed for casual situations. But I submit that this perennial wardrobe piece is one that you should go for not only for casual outfits but for many more. Check out the many ways to rock the classic denim jacket.

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One Year of Style

I started Greg’s Style Guide last year to showcase my quest to expand the definition of “Men’s Style” to not only stand for menswear but to encompass the essence of a stylish gentleman. Since embarking on that journey, there has been a number of highlights, exclusive experiences, and steez. Let’s look back at some of them and see what one year of style has to offer.

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