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What to Wear Now: Tartan Trousers

Mixing blazers with contrasting trousers is a great strategy for creating unique looks and getting the full use of your wardrobe. I recently got a slick pair of tartan trousers which I think is the pants to wear now. It is a perfect garment for dapper looks. Let’s see exactly how to rock these pants.

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What is Sprezzatura?

Today, March 20, 2017, marked the end of Winter. The axial precession of this ball we call “home” floating in the abyss we call “The Universe” has completed yet another chapter of its book. It has shifted its perspective while continuing to ink the story of time. And much like the plot line of my favorite reality TV show, Black Ink Crew, it will raise the heat for this go around. So, let's look at some style elements that we can incorporate while clinging onto the dwindling colder days.

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Falling Back into the Swing of Things

I don't know what it is about the beginning of fall but it brings on a feeling of renewal. I think it might be attributed to the many years where this was the start of a new school year, or the inherent decline of ratchet summer parties to attend. But one thing that is certain about this transition to this cooler time of year is that your wardrobe has to change. Let’s take a look at how to put together the perfect fall work wardrobe.

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