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Dapper Night: Style Unites People

Throughout my many style ventures I seem to have noticed a trend. In every single opportunity that I have taken in the vast world of men’s style, it has connected me with some great people. Now this trend continues with The Dapper Night, Orlando Men’s Style meetup. At this local meetup surrounding cigars, conversations, and various liquors served neat, I got to share that moment with like-minded enthusiasts, and meet even more remarkable people.

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Three Style Tips for Wearing Statement Pieces

It seems as though the only time I make dramatic style purchases it is directly the result of an upcoming trip and my inevitable unpreparedness. For this style feature it's no different and the scenario replays itself. A few days before a cabin trip in the mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, I am running out to the mall and I score this seemingly Drake Views album cover-esque coat.

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