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The Essence of New Orleans: A Foodie's Quick Tour

New Orleans has always been high on the list of places all foodies must go to. That Louisiana food culture with its blend of French, creole, Cajun, and southern influences is what makes it a southern Mecca for foodies. As a result, it makes this city one that my palate was built for. On this particular weekend trip, I got a chance to skim the surface of what New Orleans’ food scene is about. Check out some of the tastes that this city has to offer.

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How to Make a Mexican Mule

Ironically enough, spicy cocktails are perfect for already hot weather. This is the second cocktail that I have had this summer that contains jalapeño. That’s no coincidence and it sparked a food post! So catch the wave and try out this recipe for the Mexican Mule.

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How to Make a Moscow Mule

There is a fun origin story about the Moscow Mule that starts with three guys walk into a bar. One, an owner of a ginger beer brand distributor, the other president of Smirnoff vodka, and the third a copper mug saleswoman. The stars aligned in that bar and this encounter would lead to the creation of the Instagram-worthy cocktail we all know as the Moscow Mule.

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