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Floating in Montréal’s Joie de Vivre

What I love the most about traveling is the submissive, letting-go aspect of it. You’re in complete control until the wheels of not only your plane, but your carry-on touches the ground. The moment you step out of that airport, a lot of feelings start to arise. Feelings of wonder, alertness, and fear are a few examples. But none of which is control. When traveling, I liken it to swimming in an ocean, you have a general idea of where you’re going, but the waves should always be respected because they have so much influence over you.

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Mastering the Art of Food Adventures with @Metaldon

When it comes to blending lifestyle, travel, and food, very few come close to perfecting it as much as @Metaldon. We linked up, as friends do, to have a whirlwind of a unique food experience. Immerse yourself in the excessive, fast-paced, gluttonous occasion while I uncap the masterful art of dining well.

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What I Wore: Havana, Cuba

My trip to Havana was a perfect opportunity for me to take in some sights, create some memorable moments, and break out some summer style. Check out the steez from my first day in Havana.

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