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What to Eat at Yamasan Sushi

The great thing about taking a day off from the daily grind is you get the chance to explore what your city has to offer. After long trips I like to take a recovery day to give myself a tiny break before getting back into the rush of day-to-day. For this day of R&R, I wandered over to Yamasan Sushi for a quick bite. Yamasan Sushi really brought it with creative sushi rolls and delicious appetizers. Let’s see exactly what you should get when dining at this Mills Orlando offering.

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What to Eat at Earls Kitchen + Bar Orlando

I’ve been to Earls and have had the Atlantic Salmon, which was delicious and came with a side of aromatic Jasmine rice that had crispy onions incorporated. Anyone who knows me knows that I eat salmon and Jasmine rice almost weekly at home. So, during our conversation, I had Stefan recommend what he believes are the must-haves for anyone dining at Earls.

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