What to Eat at Yamasan Sushi

Exactly what you should get when dining at this Mills Orlando offering

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The great thing about taking a day off from the daily grind is you get the chance to explore what your city has to offer. After long trips I like to take a recovery day to give myself a tiny break before getting back into the rush of day-to-day. For this day of R&R, I wandered over to Yamasan Sushi for a quick bite. Yamasan Sushi really brought it with creative sushi rolls and delicious appetizers. Let’s see exactly what you should get when dining at this Mills Orlando offering.

Once I returned from my trip to Montreal, I figured I would use my recovery day to take in some sights. The lady and I took a day to explore Leu Gardens. It was a blissful piece of escape in the heart of Orlando and was the perfect bookend to that weekend.

After we took in what Leu Gardens had to offer, we were hungry. We decided on getting tacos from our favorite taco spot Black Rooster Taqueria, did a happy dance, set the navigation to Black Rooster and rolled down the road in glee. Fast forward to us crying at the front doors after realizing they are closed on Mondays. After we dried our tears and had a moment to calm our nerves, a bell rung in our head. “SUSHI, Yamasan Sushi is like a block up the road” we both said in unison like we were on the set of a cheesy sitcom. Sushi is always a good back up when your food plans are foiled.

Rock Shrimp Tempura

yamasan sushi rock shrimp tempura appetizer orlando food blog

Now with Yamasan Sushi, or any sushi dining experience, I recommend rolling into the sushi slowly by starting with some appetizers. The Rock Shrimp Tempura was a solid start to everything. The spicy cream sauce was great on the flavorful shrimp.


Its very hard for me to go to a sushi spot and not get a dumpling, and this trip was no different. The Gyoza here is a pan-fried pork and vegetable dumpling and was a good time.

yamasan sushi bar orlando

Dream of Dream Roll

yamasan sushi dream of dream roll what to eat in orlando food
yamasan sushi orlando food dream of dream roll

Here’s a hot take. I can only imagine that the sushi chefs at an establishment that specializes in sushi hate making the boring run-of-the-mill bastardized rolls that you can get anywhere. That is why I always try to order their specialty rolls that they’ve put the time into coming up with. Yamasan Sushi has this Dream of Dream Roll that has an ingredient list that makes you question how they can fit all of that in a roll. Check it out, this roll has tuna, salmon, shrimp, krab meat, tempura flake, mayo, black caviar, eel sauce and spicy mayo. Yeah, we had to get on that roller coaster ride.

Harmony Roll

The Harmony Roll is one that adds another dimension to sushi. Fire. Yes, this roll comes with live fire so be sure to hold back on the hair products before you plan to order it. It reminds me of Kevin Hart’s Let Me Explain comedy special where he didn’t know exactly how to top his old specials, so he added pyrotechnics, gratuitous pyrotechnics. This is the sushi version of that. This roll features shrimp tempura, krab meat, avocado, and some delicious baked salmon. Sorry that flames died out before I had a chance to take a photo, but go for this one for sure.


yamasan sushi interior detail

If you find yourself in the Mills area looking for a bite, give Yamasan Sushi a try and go for any of these creations. Are you a sushi fan? Know of any other delicious spots in Orlando? Let me know what your thoughts!

With love,

Greg McGregorson