What to Eat at The Glass Knife - Orlando's New Boutique Bakery

Is there more to this dessert café concept than its design? 

the glass knife lighting interior decor

As a man in a relationship with a woman, from time-to-time, I find myself in effeminate restaurants, stores, and boutiques of the “cute” variety. Most aren’t noteworthy, but this particular spot was different. Let’s dive into the essence of The Glass Knife, a fresh approach to the classic bakery.

Photo Credit: The Glass Knife

Photo Credit: The Glass Knife

One evening while driving down Orlando Ave. I saw this exclamation point of a building glowing in the middle of the night. With a beautifully executed contrast of large black slabs, flush pink walls, and gold trim, it is pretty obvious that this building is swank. It is a really inviting place to behold, so I had to see what this spot is about.

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Walking up, you’re sort of immediately greeted with a very clean polished entryway that has a subtle hint towards what’s to come. Walking through the threshold, the shop opens up into this intimate bakery boutique and café that is seemingly plucked out of a Wes Anderson film. There are generous amounts of pink and much of what many may call “cute” décor. But as you get past all of the delightful charm you see a glimmer behind the glass countertops. You come closer to see what has caught your eye and you realize it is exactly what you came there for; delicious desserts.

Chocolate Onyx Pastry

Like selecting an expensive watch from behind a jeweler’s display case, you select one of the many finely crafted treats. I mean this stuff is like jewelry with charming details both visible and not visible. I’m looking at you Chocolate Onyx Pastry. This sneaky fella had a dice-sized piece of chocolate hiding inside of its soft and delicate dark chocolate mousse filling.

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This little dessert haven in Winter Park had some knockout cakes. I had a chance to try out the Strawberry Cake and then the Coconut Cream. Both were rich and moist while featuring some fun icing, but Strawberry takes the cake. Pun.

Strawberry Cake

Strawberry infused cake layered with house-made jam, filled and topped with our house-made strawberry buttercream. Finished with fresh strawberries, a dusting of rose gold luster and our signature chocolate curl.

Coconut Cream

Classic white cake infused with cream of coconut, filled with layers of coconut custard and macaroon cream, then topped with our own house-made buttercream and lustered confetti coconut, trimmed with gold-leafed meringue kisses, French macaron, and our signature chocolate curl.

Onyx Coffee Lab

Ah yes, the coffee. It’s good.

The coffee featured here is so good, it deserves its own section, which, between you and me, is a big deal. Full disclosure, I only had a latte, but that latte was delicious. Hinting towards the robust flavors lurking in the background, I am pretty confident in saying that. I’ll have to go back for a regular cup of black coffee and report my findings. But I can confidently say that the Onyx Coffee Lab that they are brewing back there just works.

the glass knife winter park orlando bakery dessert review
the glass knife winter park orlando bakery coconut cream cake dessert
the glass knife winter park orlando bakery review lunch

Once you get past the pretty pastry shell of The Glass Knife, you’ll come to realize that this is truly a glutton’s paradise. With a strong depth to its offering, it’s a place that will keep you coming back to try out its other delicacies. I think a third round is due and this time I’ll go with a cup of Onyx Coffee Lab straight black and two of their Artisanal Doughnuts.

With love,

Greg McGregorson