What to Wear Now: Tartan Trousers

Step into style with a new statement piece in your wardrobe: Tartan Trousers

how to wear tartan pants mens style

Mixing blazers with contrasting trousers is a great strategy for creating unique looks and getting the full use of your wardrobe. I recently got a slick pair of tartan trousers which I think is the pants to wear now. It is a perfect garment for dapper looks. Let’s see exactly how to rock these pants.

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I remember seeing a full tartan suit many years ago when men’s style was at the height of its virality. This was around 2008 and you couldn’t go far on Tumblr without having hordes of men’s style posts thrown at you. Now this tartan suit was something that I never saw before, I was blown away by how slick the entire look was. The fabric just pops all while having a very masculine appearance to it.

tartan pants mens style

Outfit Details

  • Scotch & Soda Navy Blazer
  • Light Blue Spread Collar Shirt
  • Thrifted Brown Quail Print Tie
  • Floral Print Purple Pocket Square
  • Daniel Wellington Classic 40MM Bristol Watch
  • ZARA Tartan Trousers
  • TOPMAN Brown Leather Boots
  • TOPMAN Brown Leather Briefcase
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navy blazer with plaid pants
navy suit with tie lapel pin
navy blazer mens style tartan

What I enjoy the most about this fabric is how it subtly adds panache to a look. The mix of colors within the linear pattern is a reserved approach. When paired with a solid blazer it results in a balanced look overall. With men’s style its always good to mix up patterns of different sizes. Here I am contrasting the tight-knit pattern of the trousers with the looser spotting of quail on my tie. Also, note that my pocket square is an even tighter mix of pattern with the floral print.

mens navy blazer style
brown leather boots mens style

In the same breadth of balance, I threw on some lace-up boots to mix things up a bit. I think the ruggedness of the leather boots contrasts the clean-cut look perfectly.

tartan trousers navy blazer brown tie
how to wear tartan pants

plaid pants and suit
gregsstyleguide suit navy tartan pants
mens style suit with plaid pants and brown tie

With a strong historical association with Scotland, tartan is a fabric that has been used in menswear for hundreds of years. It was used to represent regional and Scottish clan affiliations; the tartan pattern was even used in military uniforms. Today it has taken a new form as a more contemporary style detail and is a great way of adding subtle character to your menswear looks. Have you rocked a tartan plaid pattern in your looks before? What do you think of this men’s style statement fabric? Let me know in the comments below.

With love,
Greg McGregorson