How to Wear Jeans with a Blazer

Seldom do two things come together more perfectly

how to wear a blazer with jeans mens fashion spring 2018

The blazer with jeans look is one that is ideal for those transition seasons like Spring and Fall. Read more for the simple tips to perfecting this style.

spring 2018 mens fashion trends blazer with jeans

I write this at the point of a temporary lull in the ebb and flow of what has been a rather busy month of March. And I am glad to come back to my place of comfort and style to talk with you folks about wearing blazers with jeans. Now March has been quite a ride so far with wonderful traveling adventures and strenuous pushing towards professional milestones.

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I cannot wait to share some of the highlights of my recent trip to the precious city of Montréal. A place where I had such a great time mobbing through the streets with my boys. Crafting up that blog post and channeling the sweet essence of that city is gonna be a challenge. But I am up for it and will take it head on to deliver my perspective of the exploits that I underwent in the great white north.

how to wear jeans with a blazer suit jacket

In between time in Montréal and wandering the city of Orlando, I have been working vigorously to curate and define StyleBrewery’s new suit offerings. This is a truly special project for us at StyleBrewery because this is the most intimate product we offer. A suit is a very important piece in a man’s wardrobe, so we take the process of our customers adding a suit to the arsenal very seriously.

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Here we are today, I’ve finished answering emails for the day, enjoyed dinner with Lexicana, knocked out some photo editing, and now we are here together cracking into the latest topic; how to wear a blazer with jeans.

how to wear jeans with a blazer spring 2018 mens fashion

Outfit Details

  • Zara Herringbone Blazer
  • Forever 21 Cardigan
  • Aldo Tie
  • MTM Shirt
  • Cotton On Denim Jeans
  • TOPMAN Brown Leather Boots
  • Daniel Wellington Classic 40MM Bristol Watch
  • Samsonite Briefcase

The blazer with jeans look is one that could go tragically wrong if you don’t follow two simple things; fit and fabric. There are few other instances where these two pillars of menswear are more important in tandem. Not nailing these two will set you up for looking pathetic and will risk you losing friends. So, fear not, specific advice on successfully achieving this look follows.

Fabric Matters

how to wear a blazer with jeans dapper style tips mens

The fabric of your jacket is the indicator of whether or not the outfit will work. Stay away from the shinier formal fabrics and go for the textured sports coats and blazers. This herringbone fabric that I am wearing offers the perfect balance of rugged texture to set the tone for this casual look.

herringbone blazer navy cardigan brown tie fashion trends

Furthermore, you can never go wrong with going for a pair of dark navy denim jeans. These work really well with dressier shoes or boots for that matter.

Fit is Key

zara herringbone grey blazer brown tie jeans mens fashion 2018

Now this concept is obviously not limited to this particular look, but it is critical to ensure that you look your best when mixing the blazer with jeans. Having a nicely tailored jacket is a foolproof way of leaving a good impression. Perfectly cut jeans? Now that is the key to leaving an impression that lasts.

mens fashion spring 2018 blazer with jeans

So, once you have your appropriately balanced fabrics for both blazer and jeans make sure it fits perfectly. A good rule of thumb for jacket length is that it is long enough to cover your butt. Keep your jeans slim cut.

how to wear a blazer with jeans
greg mcgregorson dapper menswear
how to wear a blazer with jeans mens fashion

This is one of my favorite looks, combining two menswear juggernauts, jeans and the blazer, to form one cohesive style. It is a versatile look that can take you comfortably through most doors. Let me know what you think of this look by dropping a comment below. Be sure to subscribe to the blog to stay up to date on free style giveaways, new blog posts, and exclusive events.

With love,

Greg McGregorson