Summer Eats at Tapa Toro Orlando

gregsstyleguide tapa toro

I was recently invited to Tapa Toro for a taste of some of their summer menu offerings. The Sangria Flight and their Flamenco Burger are two perfectly crafted menu items that you have got to try before they’re gone for the summer. Let’s take a quick look.

Sangria Flight

Let’s first get into this brightly colored Sangria Flight. It consists of four pretty tall glasses of hibiscus apricot, melon & basil, blood orange watermelon, and mango passion fruit. This sangria served as the perfect starter for the lunch. The medley of fruit flavors all bounced off each other nicely and were refreshing. I really enjoyed the hibiscus apricot and mango passion fruit.

Shrimp & Fennel Agnolotti Nero

Where do I start with this near-orgasm inducing dish? When Executive Chef Wendy Lopez brought this wonderful plate out, I noticed that it checked off all of the boxes for a delicious summer appetizer; shrimp, fennel, and pasta. The fennel flavor was nicely incorporated in the shrimp mix for the squid ink agnolotti. It was just perfect for the summer and I highly recommend going with this one right when you sit down.

GregsStyleGuide Tapa Toro
GregsStyleGuide Tapa Toro

Flamenco Burger

Now the Holy Grail of this meal was the Flamenco Burger. This had to be the most satisfying burger I’ve had so far this year. The two glorious burger patties consists of angus beef chuck, ribeye and about 25 percent mushrooms. This mix resulted in a burger that was very juicy with a pleasant crisp exterior.

greg mcgregorson tapa toro

Chef de Cuisine Francisco (Frank) Galeano walked me through the incorporation of mushroom into the patty for the James Beard Foundation’s Blended Burger Project. It is a nationwide competition where restaurants compete for votes for their burger patty that has chopped cultivated mushrooms.

With layers of vinegar chips, manchego cheese, and charred shishito peppers this is a burger you don’t want to miss out on. Unfortunately, this limited menu item is only going to be available until the end of the month so you will definitely want to try it out before its gone forever.

Empanada & Ahi Tuna Salad

My fiancé Lex wasn’t able to partake in the beef filled portion of this lunch given she’s a pescatarian. So she went with an empanada and an Ahi Tuna Salad. A very delicious salad with seared tuna, eggs, olives, potatoes and tomatoes with a sherry dressing incorporated. I snuck a bite out of the empanada which had some delicious spicy chickpeas. The empanadas were a very good tapas, and I had to genuinely fight off the food envy.

Tapa Toro Orlando
Greg McGregorson Tapa Toro

This brief lunch at Tapa Toro left me wanting more. Located right next to the Orlando Eye and a few chain restaurants, I wasn’t expecting this level of gourmet excellence. Tapa Toro has easily cemented itself as another dining refuge of mine, right next to its sister restaurant Taverna Opa. I do look forward to visiting them again for some drinks, tapas, oh and to catch one of their flamenco shows.

With love,

Greg McGregorson