The Dapper Hour - Fête Rose Edition

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Spring represents rebirth, so with this latest Dapper Hour we switched things up and tried something new. For The Dapper Hour: Fête Rose Edition a season appropriate theme was put into place. This go around we challenged everyone to wear pink, yes, the color pink.

Now when Jose (@metaldon) and Jean-Claude (@jeanclaudetheiv) first brought this idea to me, I didn’t know what to think. At first I was thinking that they had lost their minds, then it turned into me wondering if it was me that had lost my mind. So, like what I normally do when I am just completely baffled, I asked them to tell me more.

They went on to tell me that for this evening, we should introduce an element that had never been done before. Our last Dapper Hour, which you can check out HERE, was an open-ended fashion vibe where folks donned their own interpretation of cocktail hour style. This time we threw a challenge to folks and required every body to be draped in something pink. Being Orlando’s first pink party this would set the tone for what The Dapper Hour is all about, a unique fashion experience. I was sold.

the dapper hour fete rose
the dapper hour fete rose

Partnering with the team at Earls Kitchen + Bar, a new Orlando restaurant that I covered extensively HERE, we decided that the fresh air patio would be the perfect backdrop for such a stylish and bright gathering. With their help, we were able to create a vibrant energy that would match this new experience.

This Dapper Hour was shockingly successful. Every single person in attendance crushed their looks and made pink look pretty badass. The ladies effortlessly set the scene with varied dusty rose ensembles that were both chic and sexy. All the while, the gents of the affair commanded the room with bold and confident displays of sartorial steez in varied shades of salmon. I was genuinely taken aback by how great everyone looked.

As the drinks and conversation flowed side-by-side it dawned on me the importance of living your fullest life. Never loosening your grip on the reigns and driving forward towards the relative unknown. This is how you push yourself to new heights. It’s when you’ve pushed yourself past the norm, like we all did on that very night, is when you get to witness the wonders that life possesses.

With love,

Greg McGregorson