Dapper Night: Style Unites People

dapper night gregs style guide greg mcgregorson orlando mens fashion

Throughout my many style ventures I seem to have noticed a trend. In every single opportunity that I have taken in the vast world of men’s style, it has connected me with some great people. Now this trend continues with The Dapper Night, Orlando Men’s Style meetup. At this local meetup surrounding cigars, conversations, and various liquors served neat, I got to share that moment with like-minded enthusiasts, and meet even more remarkable people.

dapper night gregs style guide greg mcgregorson orlando mens fashion

Photography: IG: @ArrogantWatcher Website: ArrogantWatcher.com

This led to me to think about the importance of thoroughly exploring your passions. This sentiment applies not only to my personal experience with style, but can apply to any particular interest or passion that you may have. The more you pursue that particular thing that you’re interested in, you’ll begin to discover the various people who shares those same interests.

Aside from the usual benefits of pursuing your passions that may come to mind, this is one that I think is beneficial in a limitless way. Because I pursued my interest in style I was able to build a great friendship with my StyleBrewery.com business partner, Lenox Paris. Pursuing these interests in menswear led me to be able to connect with you, the eight people willingly reading this post and the hundreds that I bribed into reading it. (Your checks are in the mail) Men’s Style allowed me to connect with a movement in the city of Orlando to create The Dapper Hour. Which is by far one of the most unique fashion experiences the city has to offer.

Furthermore, what is most awe-inspiring is that because I pursued men’s style it opened up unique pathways that allowed me to find the love of my life. Pursuing my passion for menswear helped me find Lex. FindingLex.com, see what I did there? Pun shamelessly intended.

Now with the Dapper Night, I met a few more different people, from different parts of the country, with different backgrounds, but with the same interest, Men’s Style. So never hold back on pursuing your passions, you might meet some great people along the way.

With love,

Greg McGregorson