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The Dapper Hour GregsStyleGuide Earls Kitchen and Bar Orlando

Sometimes opportunities reveal themselves and things just seem to fall into place. This time, that opportunity was a chance to bring style enthusiasts together for some good food, fresh drinks, and a unique style experience. That experience was The Dapper Hour.

The Dapper Hour GregsStyleGuide Earls Kitchen and Bar Orlando
The Dapper Hour GregsStyleGuide Earls Kitchen and Bar Orlando

What exactly is The Dapper Hour? I suppose I could start from a logical place, the beginning. The Orlando “style” community is a small, but varied one and as you can imagine, the Orlando “dapper style” circle is an even smaller one. Over the past couple of years, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and build friendships with guys in the area who all fall into this circle of men’s style enthusiasts. One person who I haven’t had the chance to meet with was also an avid foodie and fellow glutton.

The Dapper Hour GregsStyleGuide
The Dapper Hour Orlando GregsStyleGuide Earls Kitchen and Bar Fashion Menswear MensStyle

I’ve been social media buddies with Jose, @metaldon, for some time. Gawking at his food posts and traveling exploits, I always knew that he personifies men’s style effortlessly. One day while chatting, we realized that we never actually met. One thing leads to the next and we decide that we should have a small happy hour with the few close mutual men’s style enthusiasts and use that as a chance to finally meet up. Jokingly, I mentioned that we should call the small get-together “The Dapper Hour”.

So, when it came down to setting up the small meet up, I connected with the usual suspects. First on my list were the gents of Current, a contemporary men’s clothing store in the heart of Park Ave, Winter Park. I have been friends with these two stylish guys for quite some time. These two motivate me to pursue the cause of redefining men’s style.

JeanClaudetheiv The Dapper Hour GregsStyleGuide
Parkandmorsemenswear The Dapper Hour GregsStyleGuide Earls Kitchen and Bar Orlando

Chatting with Josh, @parkandmorsemenswear, and Jean-Claude, @jeanclaudetheiv, about the casual hang out we quickly discovered that this is something that we should open up to the public and have everyone come out. This previously small, private meet up turned into something bigger. It turned into something for the culture, the Orlando style culture.

Greg McGregorson The Dapper Hour GregsStyleGuide
The Dapper Hour GregsStyleGuide Earls Kitchen and Bar Orlando
The Dapper Hour GregsStyleGuide Earls Kitchen and Bar Orlando

With about a week to work with I connected with my good friends at Earls Kitchen + Bar to set everything up for The Dapper Hour.  I am certain that if you’ve been following my blog recently you’ve already heard about this restaurant, but if you haven’t heard of this gem check out my recent write ups about my experience there by using this link HERE.

But much like Batman responding to the Bat-Signal, Earls Kitchen + Bar came through for me in quite a heroic fashion. Having them as partners really worked out perfectly. The unique vibe of the bar and its seemingly endless flow of drinks, the immersive and sensual interior design, and happy hour food deals were sublime.

Cheer-prefaced cocktails, carnal consumption, and conspicuous conversations; were all in attendance that evening and not necessarily in that order. That moment in time with old friends and newfound ones was long overdue. Close, raw, and intimate connections like these are always desired but rarely satisfied. However, The Dapper Hour was a night of satisfaction. Satisfaction not only for your palette but for your inner steez and yearning for mutual fellowship.

With love,

Greg McGregorson