How to Wear a Denim Jacket (3 Easy Ways)

Whatever your style may be, here are some ways to wear this menswear essential.

The denim jacket is one of those closet essentials that you reach for when getting dressed for casual situations. But I submit that this perennial wardrobe piece is one that you should go for not only for casual outfits but for many more. Check out the many ways to rock the classic denim jacket.

Denim Jacket in Casual Outfits

how to wear a denim jacket casual mens style

Outfit Details

  • Urban Outfitters BDG Denim Jacket
  • H&M Long T-Shirt
  • H&M Cotton Joggers
  • Dr Martens 1460 8 Eye Boots
  • Timex MK1 Aluminum Watch
  • Coach Metropolitan Rucksack

Well, the obvious use for the denim jacket is with casual looks. The denim jacket since its inception has been used in more rugged affairs. Walk into any dive bar and the odds of seeing someone in a denim jacket increases exponentially.

With this outfit, I turned up the wick on the rugged and put together something that looks plucked off the set of Rambo. Here, I blend the modern pieces of the joggers and distressed tee shirt with classic staples like the denim jacket and Dr. Martens 1460 8 Eye boots.

casual denim jacket style
gregsstyleguide denim jacket coach rucksack dr martens joggers mens
gregsstyleguide denim jacket
gregsstyleguide mens joggers denim jacket
easy denim jacket style mens

Denim Jacket in Dapper Outfits

how to wear a denim jacket mens

Outfit Details

  • Urban Outfitters BDG Denim Jacket
  • ZARA Navy and White Horizontal Striped Sweater
  • Cotton On Grey Oxford Cloth Button Down Shirt
  • H&M Green Chinos
  • Topman Brown Leather Boots
  • Timex MK1 Aluminum

Putting together dapper looks is something that I can do in my sleep. Part of that is due to having a wardrobe that supports all the pieces needed to orchestrate dapper vibes. One piece I enjoy is the striped navy sweater. This sweater works perfectly as a layering piece with a denim jacket. So, for those looking for ideas on how to wear a denim jacket, always consider those layering pieces you might have in your closet.

ways to wear a denim jacket mens
how to wear a denim jacket mens
denim jacket style mens
mens denim jacket with sweater style

Denim Jacket in Office Outfits

denim jacket style.jpg

Outfit Details

  • Urban Outfitters BDG Denim Jacket
  • Forever 21 Navy Vest
  • Pierre Cardin Red Beige Blue Patterned Tie
  • Trashness Extreme Cutaway White Shirt
  • Daniel Wellington Bristol Leather Watch
  • Forever 21 Grey Slacks
  • Samsonite Briefcase
  • Allen Edmonds Mora 2.0 Double Monk Strap Shoes

Now in a not-so-obvious way, the denim jacket can work in the office. Donning a denim jacket in an otherwise traditional outfit creates an air of effortless cool. This is a challenging look and requires a sartorially sound foundation of gear underneath the jacket. So, dial things up a notch when wearing a denim jacket in the office. I dive into the full secrets of wearing a denim jacket to work in my recent post here.

denim jacket dapper men
how to wear a denim jacket
denim jacket to work
how to style denim jacket

how to wear a denim jacket men

Pull that denim jacket out of the closet, if you don’t have one to pull out of a closet buy one. Having a menswear essential like this in your rotation allows you to really take advantage of the range and versatility it has to offer. The denim jacket is a good choice when layering during the cooler months. Given its sheer usability, trust me when I say that a denim jacket will pay for itself in no time.

With love,

Greg McGregorson