What I Wore: Pattern Play (Blog Update)

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Summer’s over and it is time to phase out of the revealing clothing and slip into a more layered affair. Fresh off the heels of a weekend trip to Sarasota, FL, another Dapper Hour and a new partnership, I’m back with some new updates for the blog.

GregsStyleGuide Greg McGregorson Mens Style Blog

It has been bustling here at GSG Headquarters so I figured I do something a little different than my usual ranting and raving over some sensory item. For this post, I want us to get a bit more intimate on what’s going on around the blog. Think of it as if you’re sitting down with me around a couple Tanquerays and tonics (with a twist of lime of course) and we do a bit of catching up. I don’t know exactly what I’ll call these one to ones with you guys, but I’m certain something obnoxious will come to mind once I get a few more under my belt.

GregsStyleGuide Greg McGregorson Mens Style Blog

There has been a lot going since we last spoke at my A Sartorial End of Summer post. Firstly, I took a quick sprint over to Sarasota for a wedding. While in Sarasota, I did a bit of sightseeing with Lex. Growing up here, she was aware of some rather unique locations and it was pretty fun going through some nostalgic streets with her. During my tour, I wore this pretty comfortable floral pattern shirt from Cotton On and some black denim jeans. It was humid and wearing this look helped me fend off the heat.

GregsStyleGuide Greg McGregorson Mens Style Blog
GregsStyleGuide Greg McGregorson Mens Style Blog

Outfit Details

  • Cotton On Men Sunset Short Sleeve Shirt [link]
  • Timex MK1 Aluminum Watch [link]
  • Zara Black Denim Jean
  • H&M Sneakers

As the name implies, the Cotton On shirt is made out of 100% cotton. I didn’t realize how much of my wardrobe consists of 100% cotton shirts until I started this partnership with Cotton Inc. It’s a huge benefit to wear such a breathable fabric especially in this temperamental Florida climate. But this particular weekend, since I am currently in between cars, I rented a Ford Mustang (non V8) for the journey. It was a nice ride and it had air-conditioned seats which I think every single car should have. It was so hot that weekend and dropping into those cooled seats was sublime. A Mustang with air-conditioned seats and an obligatory V8 (because racecar) is definitely on the list when it comes time to engage the car hunt.

Alright, I’m getting derailed by car talk, back to the updates. The blog is going to see a lot of creative outfits the next couple of months. I’ve got a lot of dope looks in store that will provide some good fall wardrobe ideas. Furthermore, stay on the lookout for a giveaway from the StyleBrewery store. I figured for GregStyleGuide.com’s one-year anniversary I give back to you guys a bit of steez you can use this fall. All of the support this past year is appreciated and the details for the giveaway will be announced soon.

But I’ve reached the end of my g&t. I’ve covered a warm weather fall look and some news with me and the blog. I look forward to sharing more food, lifestyle, and menswear with you in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out some of the vibes from the last Dapper Hour at Park Social. It was a fun experience and hanging with all of the stylish ladies and gents made me realize why I do this. The people.

With love,

Greg McGregorson