The Dapper Hour - Park Social

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This Dapper Hour at Park Social was one for the books. Another exclusive experience was forged where Orlando’s brightest, from style mavens, to esquires, to bespoke tailors, sartorial experts, even engineers and digital artists, converged to create the essence of The Dapper Hour. Let’s get into the vibe that was The Dapper Hour - Park Social.

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Speaking purely on what the essence of The Dapper Hour is, it serves as an exclusive experience for those with a heightened awareness of what defines their personal style. Those who know the rules and color outside the lines to create unique and detailed looks. This Dapper Hour brought all of us together to express ourselves through style, but importantly, cut loose and use this as an opportunity to enjoy the last remnant of the summer.

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Park Social was the canvas for us to lay down the paint that is The Dapper Hour. It is a lounge that fell somewhere between a speakeasy, a dance club and an acid trip. Let’s take a moment to unbox that. At the heart of Orlando’s more fashionable blocks, Park Ave, in one of its various pockets sits a kaleidoscope of a lounge. The D&H sits near a lava lamp between a Jimi Hendrix poster and a small Snoopy house. It was 70s inspired, and had so many eclectic details. The randomness of the décor added to the appeal and charm of the spot. It matched the free spirit of the evening perfectly.

Tightened tie knots and buttoned up jackets contrasted the mood that was otherwise very loose and barely lucid. Something about that night was different than the other ones. This Dapper Hour felt more like a homecoming. Catching up with old friends; the jokes and conversations flowed effortlessly.

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Every gent crushed their looks, and the ladies in attendance brought the heat. Despite the gratuitous display of precisely tailored steez, the ambiance of the evening was nothing short of debaucherous. After all of that hoorah from that eventful evening, all that was left to wonder is what will we do for the next Dapper Hour?

With love,

Greg McGregorson