What to Drink at Earls Kitchen + Bar Orlando

Earls Kitchen + Bar Mall at Millenia Cocktail Bar

So, I started my time at Earls like I start my time at any restaurant, with a crisp Tanqueray & Tonic. This particular Gin and Tonic had this wonderful “Botanically Brewed” organic craft tonic water from Fentimans and a bright green lime wedge. Minutes later I was alerted that the freshly prepared Tuna Poke and Steak + Sushi was ready. You can read about those details HERE.

Earls Kitchen and Bar Millenia Bar
Earls Kitchen and Bar Gin and Tonic
Earls Kitchen and Bar Main Bar

While I was going through this borderline romantic experience with the Tuna Poke and Steak + Sushi, the talented bartenders were working on the must have cocktails that Stefan recommended to me. Before we delve into those, I want to point out that Earls makes all of their cocktails with some of the best organic ingredients, many of which are done from scratch. For example, in the Whiskey Sour instead of using a generic off-the-shelf “sour mix” they actually mix together orange marmalade and lemon to achieve that flavor profile.

Earls Kitchen and Bar Whiskey Sour
Earls Kitchen and Bar bartender

Whiskey Sour

Earls Kitchen and Bar Whiskey Sour

Furthermore, the classic Whiskey Sour was a phenomenal drink that was very smooth going down. Bear in mind that the Buffalo Trace bourbon is strong and will creep up on you.


Earls Kitchen and Bar Pandemonium
Earls Kitchen and Bar Pandemonium Tuna Poke

The Pandemonium is a flavorful and sweet cocktail with heavy tropical influences. Featuring Jamaica’s own Appleton Estate rum, Bacardi white, falernum, guava and orange, this craft drink is a great starter cocktail for savory meals. It was also a great accompanying drink to the Tuna Poke.

Bees Knees

Earls Kitchen and Bar Bees Knees

A cocktail seemingly made for Instagram likes, the Bees Knees is presented in a glass honey jar that’s in the shape of an adorable bear. As the jar implies, it has honey as well as Cointreau, fresh lemon and angostura bitters. Finally, it has Aviation gin in it, what more can you ask for?

Earls Kitchen and Bar Interior and Main Bar
Earls Kitchen and Bar Bar Stools

Now that you know exactly which cocktails to go for while at Earls be sure to check out the recommended meals by clicking HERE. When you do visit Earls Kitchen + Bar and you wind up getting the Bees Knees, because you will, tag me in your inevitable Instagram photo so I can see that adorable bear honey jar once again.

With love,

Greg McGregorson