The Best Things in Life are Sweet

The best things in life are free… and beautiful… and sweet. While I was in Georgetown, Washington, DC picking up a beautiful suit, that definitely wasn’t free, I popped over to Le Pain Quotidien for something sweet.

Le Pain Quotidien is a bakery-restaurant that first opened its doors October 1990 in Brussels, Belgium and had its first stateside location open up on Madison Avenue, New York back in 1997. Currently, they have restaurants all over the country but this one is actually Le Pain Quotidien’s first location in DC.

Upon first walking in you are greeted with this legit bakery “workstation” with loaves of bread and their freshly baked offerings. They had the whole gamut really, cookies, tarts, small cakes. But what stood out to me was the colorful Mixed Berry Tart.

Walking further down into the restaurant, you see this long, narrow dining room that has this long, dramatic wooden communal table serving as its centerpiece. This is a long standing hallmark of Le Pain Quotidien restaurants around the world.

While there, we opted to enjoy some of the day’s remaining sunlight and sat in the courtyard patio out back. With fall leaves dropping, and the early evening sunlight peeking over the surrounding brick wall, it was a beautiful scenery and vibe.

Alright, this Mixed Berry Tart, it was damn good, in a sort of guilt-free way cause of the pile of fruit on top. Although I’m certain there was enough sugar in it to bring me that much closer to the "beetus", I felt like it was somewhat healthy.

If you ever find yourself within some proximity to a Le Pain Quotidien, make your way over, no, RUN to it for a brew and freshly baked bite to eat.

With love,

Greg McGregorson