Southern Gentleman Style

southern gentleman dapper style

Florida does not come with one specific identity that all of its residents relate to. Growing up here, you realize that there are so many different types of people around you. Strangely, that allows you the freedom and flexibility to choose exactly who you want to be at any moment. So, for this day, I went for a southern gent look.

This look incorporates some key pieces that have become staple items in my wardrobe, the vest and the cardigan. It is sort of a signature of mine really, I love the versatility of the vest and cardigan and I’m at home when wearing either of the two.

Aside from bourbon, the very first thing you think of when it comes to that classic, southern dapper look are bowties. I played off the hues of my shirt and pocket square, and paired them with this vintage bowtie I got from a dope consignment/thrift store called Adjectives Market.

Continuing with the theme, I threw on a pair of brown suede brogues. They provide a good base to the denim because of its material and comfort. Speaking of comfort, this day was filled with sightseeing, walking, and eating, so the leather backpack was rather resourceful when it came down to holding numerous and random items.

The bowtie, pink and navy color combination, vest, and jeans all came together quite logically for this particular look. Using a locale as inspiration is a good way to spark ideas for what to wear. Sticking to a theme will result in a look that is concise and uniform. Try these tips whenever everything in your closet just doesn’t seem to make any sense separately. It may help you put together a new identity for the day.

With love,

Greg McGregorson